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Optimize pages and processes that convert prospects into buyers.

Develop customer personas based on gathered insights.

Collect, cleanse and analyze data on customer insight.

Identify and resolve design challenges and visual contradictions.

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Upon graduation from our immersive programs, we guarantee at least one paid internship for each graduate, providing valuable opportunities for our students to kick-start their careers.

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What will I learn?

Earn an industry-respected Online UI/UX Design Certification upon completion of your UI/UX Design Immersive Program, to further improve your marketability and upward career potential:

This module will cover the following: the UX Design Process, practical applications and roles in the UX job Landscape. At the end of this module, students will better understand how they can be an integral part of a team that designs user-centered products and services.

In this module, students will learn what is expected in the kickoff phase of a project. They will also understand how to conduct stakeholder interviews, how to create and refine business rules, and generally how to plan for success in their project's kick-off phase.

In this module, students grow to understand the importance of data-based research, and learn how to conduct interviews with their customers, how to perform a competitive analysis, and how to present their research.

Information Architecture and Navigation are the two most important aspects of a website. Students will learn both concepts, and identify how to organize a website's contents for best results.

User requirements are the basis of design. Students will learn to satisfy uyser requirements through empathy maps, as they develop user personas to better understand target demographics.

Wireflows help define how users navigate through a product. This module teaches the basics of wireflows and user flows. Students learn to create wire and user flows that are more realistic, one of the essential phases to successful user experience planning.

This module will introduce students to the basics of HTML and CSS. They will learn how to create a website using HTML, which is used to define their site's content. This module also covers CSS, which is used to control the appearance of their website's content.

Design is a critical phase in the UX and UI process. Students will learn to implement design best practices as a blueprint or model of their product, which will inform how platforms are structured and built. This module introduces students to wireframing and interaction design standards. It also helps students understand how these two phases are crucial when designing a website or application.

Students will learn the basis for responsive, mobile-first design, and learn to design structures that will adjust automatically depending on the device(s) used to access them.

This module will review prototyping and discuss its benefits. Students will also learn different approaches to prototyping, types of prototypes and their benefits, prototyping tools, paper or digital methods other prototyping strategies.

Case studies are typically used to showcase the effective implementation of a product or service, and identify how that design benefits users. Students will learn the essentials of case study creation, and the benefits of an effective case study for portfolio purposes.

Usability testing is a way for companies to obtain feedback about their interface designs and further improve usability. Students will learn the overarching goals of usability testing, how to use the different types of usability tests, to how analyze individual KPIs per usability test and how to distribute tests in ways that maximize user response rates.

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A Promising and Well-Paid Career

The UX/UI Designer is responsible for user experience and navigation on multi-platforms such as websites and mobile applications. They are increasingly gaining prominence in the market in various areas such as e-commerce companies, advertising agencies, fintechs and digital banks, and technology companies.

UI/UX Writing
$73,000 Year
UI/UX Research
$89,900 Year
UI/UX Design
$131,500 Year
UI/UX Strategy
$75,300 Year

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Who is our UI/UX Design
Course for?

Career boosters

If the next step in your career looks like accelerated improvement in UI and UX, we're ready to help. Our UI/UX Design course teaches a wide variety of skills immediately applicable in a user experience environment. Learn how to audit web applications for UI and UX improvements, and implement UI/UX strategies during active application development projects.

Web developers

Web developers around the world are actively adding UI and UX skills to their portfolios, to satisfy clients requesting UI and UX components to traditional web deliverables. Our course creates well-rounded web programmers and developers, who can learn to integrate user experience best practices into any web application they create.

Graphic designers

Complement an active graphic design skillset with strategies you can only learn in a UI/UX Design course. Learn skills in wireframing and user research that can inform the way you design web applications - and the way you continue to build graphic assets.

Digital specialists

Ready to add critical UX and UI skills to your digital marketing toolkit? Our UI/UX Design program teaches you how to leverage foundational digital skills – many of which you might already understand as a digital marketing specialist.

UI/UX Design Tools

This program prepares you to use these top tools in UI/UX Design.

Real Stories from Satisfied Students

graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating

“ Taking the UI/UX Design bootcamp was a great experience. I came from a medical background and was originally in the medical field when I decided to switch career paths. I did a bunch of research and came upon their bootcamp. They taught me everything I needed to know about the UI/UX industry from the beginning, and it was a great intro to a different career. ”

Imtiaz Jaleel UI/UX Design Student
graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating

“ The team members were very helpful and interested in my growth overall. I especially valued the coaching sessions where the Instructor answered all my questions with great professionalism and care. If you are looking for career growth or interested in learning a new skill, this bootcamp is the right place for that!”

Rumen Ivov UI/UX Design Student
graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating

“ This UX/UI Design bootcamp was honestly a great experience. I felt that I was able to expand my horizons as an artist and learn how to create applications. Everyone was extremely kind and I loved being able to work with peers who were in this journey with me, and receiving regular feedbacks is what made me a stronger designer. ”

Caitlin DeJesus UI/UX Design Student
graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating

“ This UX/UI Design bootcamp has given me new experiences and helped me develop career skills. Even though the pandemic was an obstacle for me and other students, my teachers and counselors made sure I was on track and picking up the skills I needed for my future career. Thank you so much for walking me through a new pathway! ”

Evra Farsak UI/UX Design Student
graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating graduates rating

“ The Live Sessions in the UI/UX Design program provided valuable insights and instructions. You have the opportunity to get direct feedback on your work so you can make improvements as you go along. Our instructor was upbeat, friendly and always willing to help. ”

Sharawn White UI/UX Design Student

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In partnership with Workforce Institute, Santa Clara University is offering a UI/UX Design Immersive Program for one reason: to connect passionate students with the chance to achieve a deserved career in UI/UX Design. We're preparing a new generation of working professionals to address challenges posed by a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world. Our knowledge-based training programs facilitate access to dynamic learning modules and certifications - all to prepare you for a successful career. We provide access to high-quality skills training that anyone can access, interact with and understand.

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First established in 1851, Santa Clara University has served global students from its Northern California campus, and more recently through digital education portals. In partnership with WorkForce Institute, SCU is excited to further expand its capacity for education behind new Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design and AI & Machine Learning Immersive Programs, which teach foundational skills to the next generation of tech experts.